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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Porter,

We are an SM but I think our solution would work for the 54. Like you we wanted all round and over cockpit protection with the option to get lots of air when we wanted it. We put a tube across the boat behind the mizzen and above the mizzen boom. We flattened the ends of the tube and wrapped them into a u to fit around the lower side-stays which were in perfect alignment for this.(perhaps the 54 is stayed differently) We clamped them there Amel style with a small through bolt, Then we had made a cover that zipped onto the bimini and covered the full width of the cockpit and attached to our new cross tube. We then had made roll down and zip covers to zip onto each side and a split drop and zip cover for the aft of the cockpit. No attachment is needed to either the comings or the aft deck. The side and back curtains roll down and up quickly and easily. The cover over the cockpit is easily removable if you are too tired to step out of the cockpit for your sun. I was not going to ask my wife to fry in the sun for years. We seldom remove the overhead but roll the side and back curtains up and down as needed. We never get wet...ever, and get all the air we need. Access in and out of the cockpit is not inhibited. About nine years ago I posted photos on the forum. I guess they are still there. 

Hope this helps.

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SM 299 Ocean Pearl

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A question to 54 owners, critics and aficionados: After + one year of ownership and about 10000 miles I love the boat. But the weather protection options in the cockpit so far are poor. I reach out to you to understand if I am an outlier in my opinion, and secondarily if others have come up with better options or have suggestions.

We have the included bimini which is fairly good for what it does but... the extension allows lots of water in, is cut too narrow over the winches and allows a lot of weather in.. rain down the back rest and water everywhere. The setup is great on a beam reach to upwind and when the sun is shining but stops there

I’d like all around weather protection for when it’s raining day 3 and the wind is up my derrière.

I have shoulders that zip into the extension made out of sunbrella that extend out to the rails. Great for low sun but water leaks through the zippers..

I have a second set of shoulders again that zip into the extension that extend down to the side just under the winches on the out side. Zippers leak horribly.

In a few months we head across the pacific. Any tips or advice for this problem?

Thanks so much

Porter McRoberts

54-152. Ibis.

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