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Courtney Gorman

Porter there is a winter cover which totally enclosed is the cockpit and does a fine job of keeping water out

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Hi Porter,

No direct solution to offer but I agree with your findings. The extension cut allows to get in and out of the cockpit easily but the drawback is the lack of protection against rain flowing down the side onto the backrest of the cockpit benches. We sewed some small lines about ten inches from the side and one centered to elevate three points and help create 2 channels to guide the water towards the back. Not great but better than a sudden soaking down the back of your shirt. 

We don't have issues (yet) with the zippers of the shoulders but they are detrimental to movement on the boat so we only ever put one out (sunset side) and get out of the cockpit the other side. 

The other solution is the full winter enclosure. We loved it for weather protection... in the (Mediterranean) winter. A light fleece was enough for a downwind passage to Corsica in a January mistral gale. For tropical weather, we find it a bit OTT and enclosing/greenhouse (we experienced it aboard a friend's 54 in Martinique). One would need to be able to roll up the back panels easily, at least. 

We'd be happy to see solutions to that puzzle !



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A question to 54 owners, critics and aficionados: After + one year of ownership and about 10000 miles I love the boat. But the weather protection options in the cockpit so far are poor. I reach out to you to understand if I am an outlier in my opinion, and secondarily if others have come up with better options or have suggestions.

We have the included bimini which is fairly good for what it does but... the extension allows lots of water in, is cut too narrow over the winches and allows a lot of weather in.. rain down the back rest and water everywhere. The setup is great on a beam reach to upwind and when the sun is shining but stops there

I’d like all around weather protection for when it’s raining day 3 and the wind is up my derrière.

I have shoulders that zip into the extension made out of sunbrella that extend out to the rails. Great for low sun but water leaks through the zippers...

I have a second set of shoulders again that zip into the extension that extend down to the side just under the winches on the out side. Zippers leak horribly.

In a few months we head across the pacific. Any tips or advice for this problem?

Thanks so much

Porter McRoberts

54-152. Ibis.

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