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You will likely chafe your genoa on the elbows of the short pole when close hauled.


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Greetings all,

I have been the owner of SM hull 207 now "la Querida"  formerly "Liebling" for about one year now.  We've been doing weekend off shore sailing based out of Moss Landing, California. The last month we've been working on downwind sailing using the poles, so I've been leaving the short poles in place.

Well today, the jib ripped (tore) on the part of the short pole outboard of the shrouds.  We were doing a routine tack, and the sail was backwinded with some pressure against the shrouds and short pole end.  Upon releasing the sheet we heard the awful ripping sound.

Upon examining the pole end's outside surfaces none were particularly sharp, although the pin was oriented cotter pin outboard.  The ends of the cotter pin were recessed behind the pin end. For me, there were no obvious offending snag points, or sharp edges.

I'm not sure of the age of the jib (130%) but 6 months ago a local sail shop re-covered the leech and foot and said the rest of the sail was in good condition.

So my questions to the group are:

1.  Do you leave the short poles up when not doing downwind sailing?

2.  If the short poles do stay up, is there some additional protection you can recommend.

BTW.  We're loving the SM.  We've been working on upwind and downwind sailing with no autohelm, and no human inputs, just tuning the sails.  She behaves remarkably well.

Thanks in advance,  I read almost all the posts and really appreciate the knowledge,experience and helpfulness of the contributors.

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