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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Peter,

There was a famous new Zealand around the world racing sailor name of Peter Blake. His advice: off shore never sail close hauled, (racing or cruising) crack sheets and enjoy the better sea motion, speed and comfort, because the wind will change. Put it another way, don't fight to stay on the rhumb line take the easier passage, the wind will change. I'm talking long inter-island passages and trans ocean stuff. As a fervent erstwhile racing yachtsman it took me quite a while to come to grips with this. Against all my instincts, but I promise you PB was right. Back to the towels or soft leather protectors on the poles. With the best will in the world there will be times when your sail will make contact. Why not apply this simple protection. Makes more sense than wear patches on the sail.

Kind Regards

Danny Simms

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Hi Danny,
Thanks for your reply.  I'm still in the familiarization stage with the SM doing weekend off shore day sailing.  We're beating upwind for a relatively short down wind sail (heading back to the coast)  Recently I was leaving the short poles up to make it quicker, easier for the down wind leg.
When we head to Mexico (hopefully 2020) we'll  make judgments based on longer periods of relatively consistent wind direction.  I may revisit the towel or leather idea at that time.  For now the poles will be coming down.

Peter de Groot
La Querida SM207




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