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Vertical battens were added by the previous owner. The SM mast is not made for vertical battens. You will likely have continued issues with then. The majority of owners who have installed vertical battens on a SM experience problems. With lots of extra care and skill, vertical battens can work, but in practical applications, many owners have reported problems. Additionally, your vertical battens may NOT match any other SM battens. The design used was up to the previous owner and the sailmaker. This is NOT true on the 54 mast which was designed by Amel for vertical battens.

Henri Amel's reason for the shortened sail halyards on both masts was to remove clutter. It makes sense because raising and lowering furling sails is not done very often. Once you get accustomed to adding the extension line, you will likely prefer it. Be sure to add the extension line before you do anything is step #1.

Good luck with your new-to-you Amel.

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Hello Peter again,

Regarding your batten having "broken through" the pocket...
We have a vertical battened main and the pockets are such that the batten is inserted upwards towards the leech of the sail, there is then a tail on the batten pocket with a velcro strip on it, which is pushed over the end of the batten and  into the batten pocket with a "pusher" (which is just a piece of batten shaped to fit the cap on the batten pocket tail), it should stay there...if your batten has come out, then maybe the velcro needs replacing....or the tail of the batten pocket is badly damaged and needs replacing
In any event you should probably have a sailmaker give the sail a good looking at.
Elyse SM437

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