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Re lightening: this subject opens a can of worms with lots of theories. You should read Nigel Calder’s book. He explains the various ideas. Personally I am not at all convinced of one argument nor another. 

 My view re potential electrolysis is that on balance every metal fitting should be linked to the bonding system, but the important ones are the sea water exposed ones like through hull fittings and sea water pumps. The idea being that there is no potential difference between any one piece of hardware and another. 

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Thank you for your input and experience. I waS also not originally planning to bond the frame. Your points about the other metallic fixtures are good. However, I wonder about how this situation may be different considering the arch is holding a high voltage system. My feeling is it should not matter as long as the solar power circuit “-“ is well insulated from the housing. 

What about the potential risk related to lightening? Is this at all relevant?

Pardon my ignorance!


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We have a stainless arch with solar panels and a wind generator on a separate mount, but none of this framework is connected to the bonding system.
I'm not sure that this is necessary.
None of the other stainless structures on the boat are connected to the bonding system.
The masts and rigging aren't, neither are the rails around the boat, nor the bow roller fitments.
I'd be interested to know what others think about this
Olivier ? Bill R ? Bill K?
Elyse SM437

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