Re: SM 2000, Yanmar, negative solenoids isolating the engine

Naegels Patrick <naegels@...>

Hi John,

This solenoid is not displayed in Yanmar documentation, because this
is an Amel add on.

Indeed, you can meet some difficulties to turn on or off your engine
with a solenoid in bad state.

I replaced mine after 5 years. You have to buy one from Amel, it's
the same item as Windlass one, but in 12v instead of 24V.

It's not very easy to replace because this spare part is rather
inside engine. We did it at sea, very uncomfortable ...

Good luck

Patrick from Caramel SM2000 #329

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I am having trouble with the electrical circuits on this engine
was one of the first Yanmars to be fitted and as such it was an
The wiring diagrams in the handbook, workshop manual and owners
wiring diagrams give no indication of how Amel wired the engine
a solenoid on the negative side.
My problem is that sometimes the engine starter will not work but
that seems to have gone away since I have been blundering around
wiring system but I still have a problem with the stop solenoid.
engine will not stop until I turn the red fitting on the side of
injection pump or until I feed the pump solenoid with 12 volts from
different source. A meter reading on the feed to the solenoid from
the stop button reads about 6 volts until I short out the terminals
on the solenoid supplying negative to the engine at which point the
stop solenoid works.
Ant help would be much appreciated as otherwise I have to queue up
for service from the local agents who will only look at it after
have digested the full details of the engine including the serial
Having been ripped off by the local air con con artist for
US for a 3euro=3US for a capacitor I am not too happy with the
service people here in Palma, Majorca.

Regards, John, SM 319

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