Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Cam lock on main halyard?

Alan Leslie

Hello Peter,

If you take the battens out of the sail you have and try to use it, it will be worse.
The standard main and mizzen sails on SMs have hollow leeches ie the line of the leech from the end of the boom to the mast is dipped towards the mast...that makes it furl easily into the mast and also makes the sail "fly"....without battens.
The idea of the battens is that you don't have the hollow leech, you have a sail which has either a straight line leech or even slightly "roached" ie the line of the leech is curved slightly away from the mast...that is probably what you we have...and the sail area is slightly increased
If you take the battens out of that sail, and you sail with it, the leech will collapse and the airflow across the sail will be terrible. When you try to furl it in you will have real issues with the collapsed leech.....worse than if you left the battens in.
The trick with furling the battened sail is that the boom needs to be very near 90 degrees to the mast with not much tension on the main sheet, and when you start to furl, release the outhaul a little then run the mast motor and "chase' the sail into the mast with the boom motor, watching the leech as it goes in to make sure it goes in straight with the battens parallel to the mast. The topping lift bungee cord needs to be in good condition as well...that will help you keep the boom in the right place.
If you really want to get rid of the battens, then either you need to re-cut the sail with a hollow leech, or get a new mainsail.

Furling the main with battens takes took me a while to get it right...but it works and we have no problems with it at all....

good luck

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