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Congratulations and welcome to the group Arno.

I am using SeaHawk Island 44.  It is available in the US only for boats over 75 ft.  It is tin based and works great for 4-4.5 years.  All the big boats and ships use tin- based paints because they perform better.

I haven’t hauled the boat just to service the prop shaft.  My C-drive oil remains clear.  I drop the bow thruster after 2 years to check the oil in it and so far it has remained clear and no loss.  I rarely dock so the bow thruster gets very little use.  I put 4-500 hours a year on the engine.

A word of warning...nothing else sticks to tin-based paints.  To recoat with another product, the hull has to be completely stripped (in a closed environment in the US).

Kent Robertson
SM 243

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Thanks to all the people for the advice and congrats. It seems the Micron 77-stuff is the way forward.

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