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Courtney Gorman

it takes ALOT of power did you have your generator on?
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Dear Forum
On my Amel-54 I discovered that the bow truster stops working after repeatingly use within 10-15 min timeframe.
I used the bow truster a bit more than usual when I practiced some manouvers first time; - and on a second occation when I had to manouver in a marina with a lot of windguests of 18+ kn and another chain over my Anker.
It stopped working and after a while (maybe 10 min.) it re-started & operated normaly. I know BT Is not made for constant use, - only few seconds at a time. Then wait and re-use another time.
Question from a beginner:
Does the bow truster has a termic fuse which is activated after some time of usage to save the motor from overheating? 
Does anyone know exactly how it works and if this can be adjusted because I think the BT on Wasabi switches of quite fast. Any ideas or other information?
Best regards
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Sailing Cyclades GR.
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