Cleansing fresh water tanks

John and Anne on Bali Hai <annejohn@...>

Hello Barry, welcome to the site and congrats on getting Fairwinds 111
which we first met up with in New Cal in 1998 or 9 when it was being
sailed back to Oz by its owner, a very successful engineer from Perth,
who has since acquired a 54 and sailed it back.
If you put my subject heading in the Search box it should take you back
to some early advice on a very thorough cleaning method or cheat by
putting Msg Nos 1363 and 4 in the other box.
I have never been so thorough and we never take on shore water as we
can make 160 ltrs per hour with the watermaker. After seven years we
thought there was a musty taste so we put a lot of bleach into a fairly
full tank and went sailing to slosh it around before emptying it out
and refilling with desalinated water. I think that the chlorine
vanishes after about a couple of weeks but anyhow the important thing
is not to let chlorinated water anywhere near your watermaker as it
will destroy the membranes PDQ.
Where are you based, we visit Perth and Sydney around New Year

Good luck, Anne and John, SM319

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