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Robert Giroux

There are severe constraints on tin supply with very few producers. Given the outrageously high dilution ratio of total boat hull surface to ocean water volume, I would think this is purely an economically driven lobbying effort from some corporate interest that sees an advantage. Like most things regulatory. I happened to witness Kent’s hull last time it was out of the water and it was immaculate!



Robert Giroux



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Hi Arno, 


I would not worry too much about your pollution level… the commercial ships never have barnacles or green on their hulls.


What do you think makes their AF so effective?  Yet the regulators ban the use of products on recreational yachts…


Go figure.




Jean-Pierre Germain

SY Eleuthera, SM 007

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Hi Arno,


I have Coppercoat on my SM.  Some of Bill Rouse’s cautions apply.. such as the growth of algaeon the hull.  However, I have NO barnacles whatsoever after 3 years in the Med, Caribbean, Panama and Pacific.  


Yes, I do clean the hull every 2 months.




Jean-Pierre Germain

SY Eleuthera, SM 007.

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Hi Arno,

I'll be in Caracao in the end of July/August timeframe with my boat. Would be nice to meet then. Do you have a local phone?

Best regards,



AMEL54 #15



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Dear Forum,


After quite some time lurking on this forum and provided unsollicited comments to Amel owners , we finally managed to get hold of one of our own. If all goes well we will gain the ownership by mid-July.

She is a 2009 Amel 54 in dire need of a lot of t.l.c.

We will bring her to Curacao in the next month and put her on the hard for the remainder of the hurricane season. There we will start with the extensive process to bring her back to her original “Grandeur”.


My first question is about Coppercoat. Is that possible/recommendable for an Amel?


I’m sure many other questions will pop up in the coming months.





A54 - Luna





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