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Alan Leslie

Tin is seriously bad for the marine environment.
Read this :

In 2008 organotin compounds acting as biocide like TBT compounds were banned in anti-fouling paint and included in the Rotterdam Convention and have been banned by the International Convention on the Control of Harmful Anti-fouling Systems on Ships of the International Maritime Organization. It states that ships cannot bear organotin compounds on their hulls or external parts or surfaces, unless there is a coating that forms a barrier so that organotin compounds cannot leach out to reduce exposure by allowing recovery to occur.

Even though banned by some international agencies, TBT anti-fouling paints are still used in countries with poor regulation enforcement, as in the Caribbean.

Seahawk have this to say about their Islands 44 Tin based paint :

Tin-Based – 1000H Series

Islands 44 Plus HARDER was developed for the harshest tropical environments in the world. Islands 44 Plus HARDER is a multi-seasonal self-polishing paint. It has a high load of copper and tin that will ensure maximum protection against marine growth. The most popular antifouling paint in the Caribbean, Islands 44 Plus Harder is effective on boats of all types and sizes, including mega yachts.

  • Self-cleaning copolymer with high load of tin (TBT) and copper
  • The only tin (TBT) paint available on the market
  • Highest level of antifoulant protection available
  • Highest quality grade of cuprous oxide available (more potent active ingredient)

This product may not be sold or applied in the United States. Please check with your respective Country for regulatory requirements regarding sale and use of the product.


And in fact Seahawk were prosecuted some years ago for still selling tin based paint in the US when they had signed a document saying that they had ceased.

There are god reasons for banning tin based antifouling and it is only irresponsible states that turn a  blind eye to it. To continue to use tin based paints when there are alternatives available is recklessly and selfishly irresponsible given the evidence of the harm they cause to the marine environment.

Elyse SM437

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