Re: deck - fake teak chipping off



The previous owner of our Maramu, #29, used Awlgrip I believe to
repaint the decks. It looks fine and with the light color it's not too
hot. I will dig through the records to see what I can find out. Our
Maramu looks much different than a stock boat without the faux teak
finish but as long as the pain holds up well we are quite content.

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our maramu (#89) is in her best years. but being now only in the
tropics the fake teak really starts to chip off more and more. besides
of passing by amel i was wondering what possibilities did you find or
experiences do you have to fix this problem. my first try was just to
'over paint' part of it with expoxy (west systems) - with the quite
big thermal extensions of the deck that cover coat started already to
build tiny cracks, so that seems not to be the solution... love to
hear many solution.
marc, S/Y MELMAR Y,

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