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Hi fellow Amel owners,

From and environmental point of view; I feel that there is no problem at sea and in the open ocean. There is certainly a lot of hypocrisy regarding commercial vessels being permitted to use tin based antifouling. I do not claim to be very knowledgable on the chemistry and biology involved.

However in marinas,  rivers and harbours there is often a high concentration of yachts that just sit there year in year out, thousands of them.  Antifouling with tin based paints is probably very harmful to aquatic life. I should also mention that these areas are traditionally fish nurseries and under a lot of pressure from agricultural run off and general pollution. Not to mention the sanding and painting that boat yards do. I know in many places they are supposed to capture the residue, but in the real world how often does that happen?

So yes in one way it is a shame that we can not apply a bottom paint that will last 5 years but we have a duty to look after our seas and inland waterways after all we are yachting for pleasure.

When I bought Amelia in June 2017 the existing bottom paint was Micron 66. I decided to leave it and see how it fared as I was due to haul in Trinidad for September to December. It was still perfect so I left it again, but added a coat  of Micron 77 to the rudder. It is still perfect. I wonder how eco it really is.


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They may have told you that but since 2008, tin based antifouling has been banned in the US
Google it ....
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