Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Frigoboat re-charging

Ian Shepherd

Hi Paul,

Antigua might prove more expensive but there must be a source to cope with all the a/c units out there. I can't remember what the mains voltage is in Antigua. I suspect 220V due to it's heritage?

I normally connect my gas bottle to the centre port using the yellow hose, the blue compressor suction line to the blue port and the pump to the red port. In this case I would leave the gas bottle closed and open both the blue and red valves. Be sure that the hoses are the right way round. The ends are different, one end designed to open the valve in the end of the compressor connection fitting.

Before you recharge the gas, be certain to purge both the manifold and the blue line. Shut both valves then open the gas bottle then the blue valve with the blue hose fitting slackened where it connects to the compressor. Let the gas flow through then tighten the hose so that the gas flows into the compressor. If you don't purge and any air gets into the system then you will also get moisture in as well, ruining the good work you just did.

Good luck. I will be off line for a couple of days as I am sailing back to Cyprus tomorrow.

Ian Shepherd SM2K 414 Crusader Israel

On 28/06/2018 19:44, sharongbrown@... [amelyachtowners] wrote:

Thanks for the detailed info - that's a great help. The 54 has a Frigoboat with connectors for both high & low pressure. It does seem then that I have a blockage then. I'm in Antigua so finding a vacuum pump at reasonable price may be a bit challenging. If I do find one, then what is the procedure to use it? I assume I connect to the service port in the manifold (the centre one), but then which side do I open - high or low?


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