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Porter McRoberts

I did this in January. New furlers from Paul at a great discount. Installed in Fort Lauderdale with Nance and Underwood. It’s very reassuring to have renewed confidence in the boat. The possibility of furling issues really debases 
what the boat is all about.   The furlers themselves are bullet proof.... so far. 

The additional issues: no belt changes, retained value of the boat when you sell it, esthetically improved, new seals and a better seal design. 

I hope this nudges anyone on the fence. 


A54-152 IBIS. 
Panama City 

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Hello Arno;
The offer through Paul is available until 6/30/18. We have just ordered two of them.
In our analysis and talking to others who have installed them, it made sense to do it now. The pricing offered is well below retail.
Mohammad Shirloo
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As per Q1 2018 original 2017 offer was NO longer available; a new (higher priced) proposal  was made via

Paul Hrabowsky

Bamar North American & Carribean Distributor




which I understand has now expired as well.

Best Regards Teun

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Jun 29, 2018   20:43:46

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Hi Forum,

A while ago I noticed a conversation about getting new furlers for the Amel 54 at a group rate. Does someone know what the actual state of this initiative is?


Arno Luijten

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