Fresh Water Leak At Aft Head


I have SM 141 from 1995.  My current problem is a fresh water leak somewhere in the aft head.  Some time back I noticed that there was a fresh water accumulation in the cavity under the entrance to the aft head.  This is where you can access the head sea cock and where the drain hose from the shower pan passes through going forward.  I was able to confirm that the leak is not from the shower drain hose aft end where it attaches to the shower pan.  So the only other place could be where the drain hose passes through the forward wall of the cavity.  Unfortunately this is very difficult to access.  I was eventually able to put another clamp on the hose and tighten it. 

To isolate the source of the leak I stopped using the aft head completely to determine if that would eliminate the water accumulation.  However, it did not and a large amount of fresh water accumulated in the cavity again.  This time it was much cleaner which led me to believe it must be coming from the hot or cold fresh water supply lines.  But I cannot see how a leaking fresh water supply line would have a path to allow water to enter the cavity in front of the head door.  I turned off the fresh water pump to determine if that would stop the leak.  If yes, then it would confirm that the leak is from one of the supply lines.  But that would not explain how it gets into the cavity. 

One possibility is that there is a leak of one of the fresh water supply lines that leaks into the shower pan and then leaks out where the shower pan drain line exits the cavity at the forward end (where it’s difficult to access).  Unfortunately, I’m not at the boat now so cannot determine if turning off the fresh water pump stopped the leak.  But I’m pretty sure it must have.

If anyone recognizes this scenario, please advise.  I suppose I will have to disassemble the sink to see where the leak is and then replace the shower pan drain hose.  The problem is how to replace the drain hose given how difficult it is to access the forward end.  Any suggestions are welcome.  I will be flying back to the boat in a week. 


Bill Shaproski

S/V Pacific Cool

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