GP150 GPS Data Output Fault

Dean Gillies

Hi All,

I seem to have a fault with my Furuno GP-150 GPS unit, where it has stopped outputting NMEA0183 data on all ports. The fault results in position/time data appearing on neither the ICOM505 radio nor the Hydra3000 display. There is also no GPS data going to the MFD12 chart plotters either.

I was a bit confused for a while because the chart plotters seemed to be still getting GPS data, however I’ve discovered that this is being sourced from the AIS FA50 over Ethernet and not from the GP-150 (even though the GP150 is wired to send NMEA0183 data to the chart plotter).

I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this fault, and if so, what was your solution?

The GP150 is no longer sold, maybe there’s a second hand option?

Repair option?

I could also reconfigure my system and have the chart plotter route GPS LatLon and GPS Time to the Icom and Hydra. I don’t like this solution for reliability reasons, but maybe a temporary solution while GP150 gets repaired.

Maybe there is another product which can replace the GP150?

It’s not critical to have the data on the Hydra, but I want it on the radio for safety reasons.



SY Stella 

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