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joseph mc donnell

Hi Dave
Thanks for the quick reply, The Sail is without battens. I
know that some of the later models can take the short vertical
battens, but I'm not sure of the 92 Santorin. As its a club boat with
crews of varying sailing skill levels,I would prefere to keep the
sail as is - unbattened. I will endevor to get the measurements and
get back to you with the details. Thanks for the Info.
Regards Joe
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I am the owner and founder of Island Planet Sails. Please don't rely
on anything other than rig dimensions you take yourself unless
just looking for a quote. For quoting purposes the Amel website
the mainsail at 26 square meters. Your sail could be larger
if you are looking for a full batten main. I don't have the
in our database and I don't know if Amel's number is for a furling
main which is smaller than a battened sail.

Our sails are built by the same loft where Banks, Elvstrom, Doyle,
Momentum, and dozens of other international brands have their sails
assembled. Our design work is performed by one of the best in the
industry. We don't sell shapeless white triangles masquerading as
cruising sails. I'd encourage you to drop us a line.

In round numbers one of our sails built with high modulus cloth
run around $2K USD. We have a comprehensive worksheet that I can
you if you would like to see the details we incorporate when we
a sail. Unlike some of the mail order Asian lofts we only use first
quality materials.

All the best,
Dave Benjamin
Maramu #29

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Hi All
Can anyone provide me with the measurements for the
Mainsail of
the Santorin Sloop. I would like to see what sort of price Hong
Sails come up with. We replaced our Headsail with a HK sail and
seems to have come up to our expectations, from price, material,
and stitching (but come back in 5 years for an update).

Joe McDonnell

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