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Thanks for the detail information...great test!

That output is about 22 liters/min and lower than the OEM. The OEM MARINA ZZ was spec'd at 32 liters/min.

It is a difficult choice, with no clear winner, but I suggest this pump as the best substitute available today:


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   A while back we were discussing the Sealand T series pump as a possible replacement for the original bilge pump and wondering what the flow rate would be.  I just installed one of the these pumps and did a test for you.  Here are the conditions:

1.  Sealand T series pump operating at 13.3 volts.
2.  1 1/2" hose used for the pickup and discharge.
3.  Length of pickup hose to pump 7 1/2'
4.  Length of discharge hose:  2 1/2'
5.  Gentle bends in hose shields corrugated exhaust hose.
6.  Discharge is into a 1 1/2" tee fitting for a scupper drain that is above the waterline.
7.  Pickup is fitted with a Whale coarse plastic strainer, probably some restriction.
8.  Total lift is approx. 6'  (if you need a more accurate measurement let me know) 

Test procedure:  The bilge was pumped down until the T series pump was just starting to suck air.  5 measured gallons of water were added to the bilge and the pump was run until it just began sucking air.  Time required:  52 seconds, so it appears that the capacity for this installation is about 345 gph.  

Sorry that it took a while to get this data to you.


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