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I think that the challenge has been identified. There are so many variables in these common gas struts, that to find one sitting on a shelf would be a miracle.

There are some websites that will take you step-by-step through the process of identifying all of the options...BUT, here are some of my notes...

In retrospect, I would try 300N...Amel OEM was 400N, but SM engine hatches have a tendency to bulge where these are mounted. 400N = 90 pounds each...300N = 67 pounds each...I think it will work.


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Hello Mark, you beat me to it !!!
But please remember the input from Bill after my post as they are many variable and the specs I have/gave were not complete, therefore it worked then.

Sincerely, Alexandre

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From the


Good memory Kent,

I purchased 2 from

Bansbach easylift in Florida 321-253-1999

Esteban Contreras estebanc@...

A1A1N40-250-608/400N 316L Stainless Steel

Meaning a stroke of 250 mm with 608 mm overall

400 NM resistance

The stroke is 8 mm

The Diameter of the cylinder is 19 mm

With 8 mm hinge on each side.

Took a few weeks to build

They were $125 each (and free shipping).

These were the highest standard they are, guaranty for
10.000 opening... 

They also had a cheaper standard line.

Sincerely, Alexandre


Club Nautico de San Juan, Puerto Rico



With best





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I need to replace the gas struts for the engine


I've looked at the forum and found Bill R's note
that they are rated at 400
Newton (90 pounds), and I measure the length at 22.5"
extended length and
a stroke length of 8".


The problem is I cannot find a gas strut with bolted
connections.  They
seem to come in clevis and ball joint.


Does anyone have a source reference?




Wanderer, SM#477

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