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Patrick McAneny

First, you did not post your name , boat or the engine you have , however if you have a Volvo Tmd22 as I do, then this would apply. If you are overheating it would be a good idea to take out your heat exchanger , it may need cleaning and that may be your problem. I had cleaned mine a couple of times ,yet still had over heating. I only now discovered that there is a rubber ring/seal that slides over the tube and seals an opening inside the header tank , that forces the cooling water/antifreeze to flow thru the heat exchanger , rather than some of it to bypass it. That is why it still cooled the water to a point , but as the heat increased with rpms it could not cool it fast enough. I did not know about this seal as it was not on the tube whenever I pulled it out,it had deteriorated and fell apart, I found bits of it in the header tank. So pull the H/E out , if no ring that would be your problem. I also bought new rubber boots for the ends , the original ones were hard and hard to seal. Tip , The boots thru Volvo dealers were $144 each , I determined that my engine is a Perkins M80T and bought two boots from Parts4Engines for $48. for two ,saved $240. , they were more pliable and fit /sealed well, I also bought the seal from them, like $10. Its important that the seal is placed about 1/4 from the aft end so that it contacts with the opening in the header tank and seals it. With a flashlight look inside the tank ,you will see the opening. So check it out , if you have any questions let me know.
Hope this helps,
SM Shenanigans

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Hello Patrick,

My engine tends to overheat when I go beyond 2000RPM.
Could you point me to the part (sleave) that you are taking about?


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