Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Gas Struts for Engine Hatch

Craig Briggs

I recall several old posts about "bulging" fiberglass in the area of the struts (and elsewhere) being the embedded carbon steel backing plates having expanded with rust and forcing the fiberglass to "bulge". Not surprising if original bolts removed to replace the struts, allowing water ingress. Similar "bulging" in other areas with backing plates have also been noted. Fiberglass itself, of course, doesn't "bulge".  Proper fix is cut out old plate and re-glass (preferably from the back side in the case of the hatch, for cosmetics), not just add exterior plates.
Cheers, Craig , SN68

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I think that the challenge has been identified. There are so many variables in these common gas struts, that to find one sitting on a shelf would be a miracle.

There are some websites that will take you step-by-step through the process of identifying all of the options...BUT, here are some of my notes...

In retrospect, I would try 300N...Amel OEM was 400N, but SM engine hatches have a tendency to bulge where these are mounted. 400N = 90 pounds each...300N = 67 pounds each...I think it will work.

Best, Bill Rouse

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