Dessalator DUO 160 Wiring Connections

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Fellow forum members,

I won’t bore you with the whole story, but I have to try new capacitors in my DUO 160 watermaker motor.  The last person that worked on it, disconnected the old ones so I am not sure of the wiring connections to install the new ones.  Dessalator provided me with a wiring diagram for the AC connections, but when I requested a diagram for the capacitors, all they were willing to do was refer me to the diagram on the inside of the cover plate (which is not clear to me).  

As I am completely inept when it comes to all things electric, I  was hoping one of you fine Amelians could hold my hand and provide me with a simplistic diagram of all the connections, AC as well as those for the capacitors.

Thank you to all for past and present favors.  This forum provides me with so much help and guidance.  

All the best,

Paul Stascavage
SM #466 - s/v Rita Kathryn
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