Re: Volvo/Autoprop not making rated RPM..advice please

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hello Niels Faerch

We have exactly the same problem with our TMD22 it run only at 2400
rpm (tubo is ok etc..)

Did you solve your problem ? at what RPM are you now running ?


--- In,
> We're only getting 2400RPM with wide open throttle. The prop
> as is the underbody. This means we are only capable of
> around +/- 60% of rated power say around 50-ish HP.
> Is is everyone accepting this or are you getting your props re-
> prop?
> Would I be better off changing to a regular adjustable pitch
> feathering prop?
> Thanks

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Hello Niels,
The owners manual for my Yanmar 75HP recommends that if the engine
has been on a light load for a while that it should be run up to
revs to burn off the carbon build up on the turbo fan. This should
done several times until white smoke is cleared from the exhaust.
Having done that it is important to let the engine tick over for a
minute or so before turning it off so that the fan bearings etc are
cooled/cleansed with > oil rather than leaving the burnt oil to dry
in place. It also > recommends injecting a water/soap spray from time
to time but I have> not been brave enough to try this!

Best wishes, Anne and John, SM 319

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