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Hi Pat
this is funny 😀
you remove a Heat Exchanger on a Perkins T 80 or a new Yanmar 110 hp in 15 min. well done spedy concales.
I like some texte
like that. I don' think you are serious.
best regards
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Olivier, Removing the thermostat would not change the flow direction of the water and generally just would not be a good idea. The engine would not heat up as quickly,and may not ever rise to the correct temp. ,remember diesel do not like to run cool.Removing the thermostat would not correct your problem, unless you have a bad thermostat,and then it should be replaced ,not removed. Do what you will, but it only takes 15 minutes to remove the heat exchanger and it may just need to be cleaned out,problem solved , if its the seal then order it , problem solved, I would not wait to resolve your issue, but that me.

Good Luck,
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Thanks a lot.  That does make it clearer.

I will pull out the heat exchanger at the end of the season. I had also heard of people removing the thermostat to force all the cooling water to the heat exchanger and forfait the bypass.

The engine is indeed a Perkins 80T


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