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Hi Barry,
Did you have to change anything in the batterycompartment, cable, fittings etc for these batteries?
Thank you very much Wolfgang SY Elise 

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Hi Wolfgang,

You can look at BatteryMagastore online I got 13 Hankook MF31-750 110Ah in Sept 2015, which cost £70 in UK and in France they now advertise them at about €88. They should last you about 5 years.
This was the best price that I found.
Best Regards

Barry and Penny
“Lady Penelope II”
Amel 54. #17
Split Croatia

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Dear Amel sailors, I am on the way to Hyeres /France and want New batteries for our Amel 54.

Charger and everything will not be changed and I would like to buy nearly the same batteries - the originals are from 2010/11. Any recommendations where to buy and which brand ?

Thank you.

Wolfgang Weber SY Elise  Amel 54 # 162 on the way to Bonifacio/France

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