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Barry Connor

Hi Wolfgang,
Because I was buying 13 batteries the BatteryMegaStore in the UK gave me the post fittings at no extra charge, 26 in total. The batteries are exactly the same size and I still use the original wood spacers between them. Everything still fits very snugly, no movement.
I was fortunate to have a small people mover van for 6 months after I bought the boat in May 2015 and was driving back and forth (Marseille to UK). Carried these batteries over 2 trips. You will have to check with the France store to see if they will deliver at no charge. The UK store would only deliver at no charge to UK address.

Best Regards

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Hi Barry,
Did you have to change anything in the batterycompartment, cable, fittings etc for these batteries?
Thank you very much Wolfgang SY Elise 

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Hi Wolfgang,

You can look at BatteryMagastore online I got 13 Hankook MF31-750 110Ah in Sept 2015, which cost £70 in UK and in France they now advertise them at about €88. They should last you about 5 years.
This was the best price that I found.
Best Regards

Barry and Penny
“Lady Penelope II”
Amel 54. #17
Split Croatia

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Dear Amel sailors, I am on the way to Hyeres /France and want New batteries for our Amel 54.

Charger and everything will not be changed and I would like to buy nearly the same batteries - the originals are from 2010/11. Any recommendations where to buy and which brand ?

Thank you.

Wolfgang Weber SY Elise  Amel 54 # 162 on the way to Bonifacio/France

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