Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] CLIMMA AC on AMEL 54



Yes please , I would be happy to receive some more information!

Anybody with some longterm experience?

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We installed Webasto brand AC in September 2017 in our SM. Three 10,000 BTU units. We have used them in Florida for a total of five months and in the Bahamas for about one month. They have a good reputation in North America and I am impressed with their performance and reliability so far (bearing in mind, they have only seen six months of service). Let me know if you want any further details.

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Hello everybody,

I am sick and tired of my CLIMMA AC`s on CHIARA. They are constantly quitting their service. I had repaired them so many times since I bought CHIARA new in 2010: electronics defect, fan defect, heater defect, leaks and leaks and leaks........

Does anybody have experience with a new generation of CLIMMA ACs (if there is any) or even better: with a more reliable brand? 

Fit? Installation? Reliability?

I am ready to get rid of them.



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