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Hi Mark

Thanks a ton. We have cleaned those connectors up many times with a toothbrush etc... but did not yet think of spraying them with CorrosionX. Will do so in the morning, but I really want at permanent fix for this switch now. Have totally had enough of going into the engine room with a screw driver when wanting to brush my teeth!

Just wrote to Thierry at Amel now too to see why it has taken them so long to source this too.

Also what are the spare "D switches" you talk of? Are those the little contact points or are you talking about a complete spare switch which is available.

I could not find those files, will have another look tonight.

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The issue with your fresh water pump most likely lies inside the pressure switch with the connectors. We had a similar issue  a couple of months ago and treated the connectors with some Corrosion X and cleaned them. I carry a couple of spare D pressure switches and was ready to replace the entire switch but so far the Corrosion X has worked its magic.


There are some instructions to setting and wiring the pressure switch in the files section (I think Bill Rouse posted from Bebe). The file also has links to online instructions.


Also, the pressure switches are readily available at a good hardware or pump store. This is a common switch.






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We have had as issue with our freshwater pump remaining on when it shouldn't, and have tried all potential remedies we could find in the files on this forum, but to no avail. Amel does not have a new one available for us despite the same switch being used on both the 53's and 54's and possibly beyond.


The pump, one way valve, and pressure cylinder are all working as designed, so we removed the housing off the pressure switch itself, and initially fiddled with the settings (by screwing both adjustment bolts in and out in different sequences) which is pretty much a black art as we have no manual showing how to set this mechanism (min pressure for pump to switch on and max pressure for pump to switch off).


Having no luck with this today we took the entire mechanical switch apart and on putting it back together now nothing works! Such is life!


A fellow Amel 54 cruiser here (previously owned a SM from new for 8 years) informs me that he is aware that many other owners have done away with the original freshwater pump in favour of the Jabsco freshwater pump, (without the pressure cylinder) and actually prefer those allbeit they are slightly more noisy. Aparently they provide a smooth flow even without the pressure balancing cylinder.


With no suitable Jabsco pumps available here in Mauritius, I am looking at temporary alternatives but thought there may be some wisdom in this group about: 

1) someone has a manual for this switch and could kindly send it to us at svislandpearl@...; or 

2) some of you may have encountered this problem before, and already made step by step instructions on correct re-assembly/parts list, as well as adjustment advice for the mechanical/electrical pressure switch to work correctly; and/or 

3) some of you have already converted to the Jabsco (or equivalent) pumps and could offer some warnings and/or advice regarding max psi model to purchase, as well as how you best plumbed it in.


In our usual style with backups for everything on Island Pearl II, I am planning to both fix/replace the existing Amel supplied unit,  and also add a second "jabsco style" option with plumbing done so that we have a quick flick over switch to use the other if either fails in future.


Fair winds & following seas


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