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Ian Townsend

Webasto FCF Platinum. Three 10,000 BTU units. 220/40V. 50/60Hz. This is one of the few brands that still have the dual rating.

March brand AC-5C-MD pump. 1000 gph located on floor next to fresh water pump in engine room.

Locations. One fwd cabin (beneath fwd part of the v-berth). One in main salon (aft portside corner of the horseshoe). One in aft head (behind toilet).

Draws about 14-15 amps when all units are running.

Total price for all of the above (not including other supplies) when ordered from Defender and delivered to Florida was about $5800.

To reiterate, it is still early in the lifecycle of these units and Bill Rouse's advice is spot on. It's impossible for me to say when they will begin to show signs of age. But I know that AMEL Martinique does install this brand. And frankly, if they only worked as long as CLIMMA then at least they can be replaced and the total amount spent for two sets of units (here in North America) would only equal the cost of ONE set of CLIMMAs.

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Yes please , I would be happy to receive some more information!

Anybody with some longterm experience?

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We installed Webasto brand AC in September 2017 in our SM. Three 10,000 BTU units. We have used them in Florida for a total of five months and in the Bahamas for about one month. They have a good reputation in North America and I am impressed with their performance and reliability so far (bearing in mind, they have only seen six months of service). Let me know if you want any further details.

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Hello everybody,

I am sick and tired of my CLIMMA AC`s on CHIARA. They are constantly quitting their service. I had repaired them so many times since I bought CHIARA new in 2010: electronics defect, fan defect, heater defect, leaks and leaks and leaks........

Does anybody have experience with a new generation of CLIMMA ACs (if there is any) or even better: with a more reliable brand? 

Fit? Installation? Reliability?

I am ready to get rid of them.



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