ball valve on outlet of holding tank replacement

Peter de Groot

Greetings all,

 Last weekend we needed to close the holding tanks for an overnight anchorage close to shore, and the forward tank valve would not budge.  After multiple days of penetrating fluid treatment, I broke the stem off. The valves had been left open for over 9 months.  The aft holding tank valve moved freely.

I was about to attempt to remove the broken valve, but realized this could get ugly very quickly.  So I'm asking the group if anyone has had to do this delightful job, and if so are there any tips?

Also, I would love to have a replacement valve in hand before removing the broken one.  Has anyone sourced these?

Does anyone have a complete specification? thread type? inch or metric or BSP tapered?

What is the connection to the hull?  fiberglass to a male threaded nipple? then nipple to valve? It seems that there might be a risk of damaging the hull connection so I would like to understand the construction technique Amel used.

It seems the valve is at or just above the I'm being a little more cautious than I usually am.

I'm also weighing the possible advantage of taking out the toilet and cubby hole paneling in order to get better access to the valve.  This also doesn't seem very straight forward.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Peter de Groot

La Querida SM 207

Moss Landing, California

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