Re: ball valve on outlet of holding tank replacement

Mark Isaac

Hello Peter,

I just did this job a couple of months ago with the boat in the water.  It was not as difficult or unpleasant as I had expected.  The valve you need can be purchased on Amazon

I took the toilet out (three or four bolts on the base and two hoses to remove) for better access only because a large wrench is required to break the valve free.  The gelcoat must be chipped from the base of the valve prior to removal not only so your wrench will fit, but also so the valve will turn more easily.  There is a male pipe fitting glassed into the hull onto which the female side of the valve threads.  A plastic piece with a hose barb threads into the other side of the valve (I reused mine).  Don't forget the pipe dope or teflon tape as well as the bonding wire.

Mark Isaac
Lulu, SM#391
South Freeport, Maine

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