Re: engine cruising RPM

Ian Park

Ryan and Kelly,
Again I think there is no answer. It depends on the length of the voyage to the next opportunity to fill the tank, and this must take into account sea conditions and wind strength and direction.

We are just finishing the final leg from Antigua to UK and had unusual conditions all the way. From flat calms to 25 knots on the nose. We stopped in Horta. On both legs we had to nurse the fuel. We have a Santorin - 400 litres plus an extra 40 in cans.
We dipped the tank every 24 hours and recorded our miles per litre at, engine revs and sailing conditions. The results show that you cannot give a set figure for cruising consumption. What I am getting is a good feel for what I can expect from the engine in the conditions I am in.

E.G. In a flat sea, f2 sailing 2.8 knots, 1500 revs used 1.3l per hour and put the boat up to 5.2 knots. Do the math on how far you can travel.
Then do the same again as conditions change and build up a profile.

We had the flattest, calmest conditions getting no to Horta, Azores and ended up with 160 litres left because we carefully managed the fuel and got a good breeze for the last few days.

We are 80 miles from home now, down to 60 litres with light wind on the nose, but we know now that we can ‘hit the gas’.

All our figures are recorded in the back of the log book. It was a good lesson we learnt on the way across.

Good sailing.

Ian and Lind

Ocean Hobo SN96

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