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I do not know for sure, but on the water maker replace the will probably need to replace the end caps and O rings
also. A good source for membranes is The best
water maker, in my opinion, is the one you have...if you replace it,
replace it with a Dessalator 160 liter water maker.

Can't help on the radar except that older antenna/radomes do work with
newer head units...if your antenna is working and the problem is with
your head unit, you may be able to upgrade...I would go to
and ask them which head units work with your antenna/radome.

On the fridge, try replacing the control box. It is the most common
problem with the Frigoboat system...even if it is not the problem,
having a spare control box is a good thing. Our SM2 #387 has a
Danfoss #101N0210 control box.


Bill Rouse
s/v BeBe SM2 #387
currently anchored at Niue the South Pacific

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hello everyone,

hi,i've bougth amel santorin (1994) recently and i am preparing her to
go bluewater cruising.I will be crossing the med( france to
turkey)leaving 1st off september.(We leave the med next year)

While preparing the boat the watermaker d60 i believe has not worked
for at least 5 years and seams to be in bad condition (pump looks very
corroded,filters don't look so good ether,...)The unit has 150
hours.Does anyone have any advice or experience with this problem?

Is it word to have a big revision done on this (old model)would you
remove it or change it for another newer less power consuming model?
Anyone has any idea off the costs reparing a d 60?

Or would you go cruising without one ?

Also have problems with the Fureno radar(500h) only gives very few
readings nearby on small range and not very clear echos.I tried to
clean the connections under the mizzen mast and went up the mast to
open the antenna(wich looked brandnew inside).This didn't help very
much.Adjusting the gain didn't ether.Does anyone have any experience
on this subject ?

The fridge allso has a problem they changed the compresser but didn't
replace it with the original frigoboat system but with a conventional
danfoss (db 35 i think)that works on air cooling.The system
continuesly runs wich made me change the thermostat.This did not help
so i think i have to change to a water cooled system?Anyone had the
same problem?

For the rest she looks great! haha

Thank you all for your advice.

Phil Amel Santorin 1994 nr 101

2 Miles ahead

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