Mango for Sale?


Hi All

I just got a lead on a new Amel 50 I may be buying. Will need to sell my heavily renovated and upgraded 1986 Mango #66. Is anybody looking? I will need to put together a full list but here are some highlights:

The Good:

Repowered with a 110 Yanmar and fuel supply system
7 coats of epoxy barrier coat
New AC
New Upholstery
New Power management system with solar, house batteries, inverter/charger, isolaters
New hot water heater
Deck epoxied then kiwi gripped
New ray marine Instruments
Sole sanded and partially finished
Corian countertops
New stainless portlites
New fridge
Refinished hatches
New heads. One electric the other composting
Much more to list

The bad

Need to finish the headliner and lighting. Have the pieces cut
2 holes cut in rear head to fish water lines
Terminate water lines to hot water
Port rear turnbuckle needs a new fitting
Fuel tanks need to be cleaned
Traveler needs new lines
Cockpit needs to painted to match boat. I have the paint
Starboard fuel line needs to be tied into systems filter system

We cruised the boat last year with issue. I have well over 225 into it but would way selling to get a new Amel 50

Hobo Tiemp Mango #66

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