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Thanks, Duane,

I find the easiest way to change an impeller on the Onan is to detach the two water pipes, undo the two bolts holding the pump to the engine and then you can fit a new impeller in the comfort of your cockpit.

The first time that you remove the pump you may have to give it a sharp tap to disengage. Thereafter it's simple. 

My impellers last about 200 hours. The sensor is not that sensitive--when it cut out the engine yesterday the impeller had ONE blade on it. The rest were blocking the heat exchanger.

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Greece

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I put a PDF in the Files section under Onan Information.

The PDF is a set of photos of my overhaul of the water pump.  With the Bearing Puller I have (bought from Harbor Freight) it really wasn't too bad or complicated of a job.  I had the "Major Service Kit" from Onan on board and it had some pretty good instructions.  

The intent of the PDF is to just give a visual overview of the process and how it can be accomplished with a bearing puller in lieu of a hydraulic press.  It's worth noting that the instructions from Onan, under Tools required, lists a "Hand Press".  I expect they are referring to something like my bearing puller.

Have fun!

Oh, and for Ian, I'm not sure what Mark used but I plan to use either a "Banjo30 Mesh T-Line Strainer, 595 Microns, 1" Pipe Size
Item # 3DTX3 Mfr. Model # LST100-30 Catalog Page # 2898 UNSPSC # 40142501"  from Amazon, 

1" Y Strainer,Threaded, 20Mesh, 4-1/2"Length, Bronze KECKLEY 45AK97 11THYBCM20M34
from the Grainger catalog.


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