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We met Krow in St Martin in 2008 or so. Krow is Work,  spelt backwards. Extraordinary couple. They bought their Amel without knowing how to sail. Hired a "pro" to teach them for 3 months. Realised that he knew nothing. Then realised --at a few days notice--that they had to leave the US or pay tax on the boat. They left and headed for the Azores, reading up as they went along. When they came to berth in the Horta it was the first time they had brought the boat alongside ! Took them about 30 minutes--the harbour master simply couldn't understand.

 They went on to spend a year in the Med.  Amazingly, the day we met them , they having just crossed back to the Caribean, was the first time they had ever used their anchor! In the Med they had gone from marina to marina.

Just shows, with a intelligent owners , even if you can't sail at first, an Amel will look after you.

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Greece

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We met a couple in Beaufort, NC who owned an Amel SM (I think it was a 2003) named Krow.  I can't remember his name, but her name was Jane.  They must be in their 70's.

I thought it was worth posting here that they bought it used and sailed the Caribbean, and then the Med, and told me that nothing ever broke down on the boat.  It was perfect.  I have to note here, that they have already sold the boat...

It reminds me of the old joke that, among sailors, there are "them that have run aground, and the damn liars!".  Now, I'm not calling their assertion into question, I just envy their experience.

Best regards to all the mechanics out there,


Wanderer, SM#477

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