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Sv Garulfo

Duane, Craig, Bill, Mark and al,

Thanks for the info, very useful !

Does anyone has a good reference/source for the major rebuild kit for that pump? 



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Actually, you're right - it is easy-peasy and you definitely don't need to go to the expense of a shop rebuilt. I agree with Mark that having two pumps works great - you can rebuild one at your leisure after popping the new one on. I do this with both my genset and my main engine water pumps - have rebuilt them both many times over the years.
In lieu of a press you can just carefully tap out the shaft using a socket from your socket wrench set as a "pusher". On reassembly you may want to put parts in the freezer and/or hot water to make them go together more easily. Sourcing parts is easy.
Have fun with it!
Cheers, Craig Briggs

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Bill R.,

Thank for your post.  I actually had a rebuild kit on board (memory is an occasional thing for me these days it seems) and though easi-peasi, just rebuild the pump!  But it will take a shop to get this one apart.

I agree with you, another pump is the way to go.


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