Slip for Amel in Fr Lauderdale

Jose Venegas <jgvenegas@...>

Dear Joel,

A few questions:

1) Do you know of any slip where I could leave an Amel SM2000 between
January and April or May 09 and how much would it cost?
Captain Urquhart who lived on 1317 SW 17 St and kept my Beneteau in
2001 is no longer around or at least I don't have a working phone

2) I noted that Nike does not have the wood piece closing the bow
thruster area. I thought you mentioned it was something done
recently. How much does it cost to add one?

3) My wife loved the lamp on the dinette area. Is it something that
can be retrofitted and, if so, how much does it cost?

Thanks in advance for your help,


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