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Erick M. <maramu@...>

Hi David
I'm the happy owner of a 1995 SM as you.
The hourly consumption that you can expect is in the range of three liters per hour at full load(A lot of information are available in the Onan operating book).
Why I say at full load is because running the genset only for the purpose of supplying AC to the battery charger is not very good for the engine. The generator load is very little and this could lead to glazed the cylinder. As such it is recommended to run either the aircond or the heaters depending on the season as well as the water maker which will maintain a substantial load on the battery charger (turn on the water maker only after your batteries management system indicate a charge in the range of 20 amp, as turning it on too early would slow down the charging process by the amount of intensity sucked up by the water maker which if I'm not wrong is in the range of 23 to 25 amp.
Navigation Lights
Amel think about.......... almost everything. You got the navigation light regulation right, but it seems that Amel has a different reading and to my knowledge the lights which are fitted on the SM are not compliant with the regulation. However I must stress that I have never been fined for that.........I believe that while being seen is very important, to keep a thorough watch while sailing or motoring is more important
Batteries charging
The batteries charging is one of the favorite topic of discussion among Amel owners.A full encyclopedia may not be big enough to cover the topic. However in order for you to get a good understanding of the batteries charging process I would recommend you to take a look at Victon web site which covers very comprehensively the topic.
Furthermore I'm sure that many owners are better experienced and qualified than me to cover the topic

Have a good and safe crossing
Best regards

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From: "davidcrisp" <>
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] questions from new Amel owner
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 08:14:14 -0000

Hi All,

Bought a 1995 Super Maramu three months ago. AM hoping some of you
experienced owners cananswer some questions I have.

(1) Fuel Consumption - engine (TMD22)
What is the recommended motoring speed and engine RPM for the Super
Maramu? What is the fuel consumption at this cruising speed?

(2) Fuel consumption - generator
What is the normal fuel consumption of the generator? I have an
Onan 6.5KVA

(3) Battery Charger
The boat house batteries are not fully recharging after use.
I have reset the battery management system.
After one cycle of use (to 65% discharge) the battery management
system is indicating recharge to about 92-95% capacity after 4 hours
of charging (this is a long time it seems to me). After one week on
220V shore power with battery charger always on the system is
showing 98% charge.
The battery bank has 400AHrs at 24V total capacity.
I have checked the battery bank voltage with charger off, all load
removed and after one hour stabilization the voltage is 26.50V.
With battery charger on voltage is 28.05V

I am concerned that as I cycle the batteries more I will
progressively loose capacity as they sulphate through incomplete
recharging. A new set of batteries were installed one year ago.
Can antone advise me what to do or who to speak to?
What further checks should I make?

(4) Depth SOunder.
What is the depth offset for the depth sounder to display actual
water depth? (ie distance from sensor to water level)

(5) I notice there is an orange light or plastic dome on the top of
the main mast. Can you tell me what this is for? It has a grey
wire running from it down the mast.

(6) When motoring under power at night regulations state you should
show red and green navigation lights in the bow, a white stern light
and a second white light showing forwards over an arc of 225 degrees
("steaming light") about half way up the mast. On my Amel there is
no "steaming light" half way up the mast. In my experience of the
Super Maramu so far Amel appear to think of everything! Can anyone
explain why Amel has not fitted one? I believe I need to fit a
steaming light but perhaps I have misunderstood the regulations.

(7) The B&G Hydra system has no flux gate compass. Can I hook the
B&G system up to the Autohelm system via NMEA in order to share
compass data from the Autohelm? Likewise can you link the GPS and
radar? How do you do such things?

FYI am currently in Mahon, Menorca. We hope to leave for Gibraltar
in a few days. From there onto the Canaries and Caribbean. Not
doing the ARC but would love to be in touch with any other Amel
owners crossing this winter.

David Crisp
'Gallant of Fowey'

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