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Craig Briggs

Hi Steve,

Got it and have added to my list.  Per my post let's shift to email.  
sangaris at aol dot com

Send me an email so i have your email and I'l update when I hear from Maud.

Cheers, Craig

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Hi Craig,

Thanks for doing all the leg work on this. I’d take at least 10, but depending on price, would at least double that order. My theory is that I’ve already had 2 failures, and due to the age of the boat, would expect many more during my ownership. I also have a Swiss friend with an older SM who needs some. He is in Switzerland now, and I’ll let him know. 

Aloha SM 72

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After I posted this and several others replied they needed them too, I wrote back to Maud, telling her that, and she has now written to me saying she may be able to get them after all, now that there is a known demand.  I'm waiting for her to write back and give me pricing.

I'd like to give her a firm order and will be happy to coordinate for the US contingent.  That is, I can place a bulk order and then break it out to others within the US, rather than have Maud send several overseas shipments,  From the replies posted on the DB so far: 
Miles - Ladybug in Newport -  "4 or 5"
Ryan & Kelle - Iteration in Boston  -  "a couple"
Jose Venegas - Impanema in Boston  -  "5"
Steve Davis - Aloha in Hawaii   - "some"
John Clark - ?  in ?   -   "yes"
Kent Robertson - Kristy in St Michaels -  ? 
Craig Briggs - Sangaris - in Boca Raton -  need one, if price is right would take 10 or more

John on Annie in Martinique wanted "some" but may be better off dealing with Amel Carribbean (or  not)

Anyway, I'll keep you posted on what Maud says.  In the meantime, let's take this off-line of the regular forum traffic.  Drop me an email to sangaris@...  (that's sangaris at  We don't need to do anything firm until Maud gives us the pricing.  I also asked her to clarify if we can buy the chrome pulls separate from the brown plastic latching part.  If the pulls are inexpensive I've got a lot that are corroding and could use freshening up - I think there's about 40 in total on my SN.

Craig Briggs, SN68 Sangaris, parked in Brunswick, GA (I'm in Boca Raton) sangaris@...

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Maud informed me that Amel no longer has the old push-button rectangular drawer pulls. 
Has anyone found a source or a good replacement?

Many thanks, Craig Briggs, SN68 Sangaris

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