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Either one will do the job. Amel first stated to use 20-40 since it was common with the diesel engines and didn’t require an additional type of oil. But then, Amel stated filling with 90 oil during services in Martinique and France. This sparked a big discussion on the forum. The short answer is 90 SAE is best and 20-40 is 95% as good.



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Just changed c-drive seals etc.
the oil that came out of my unit was definitely SAE-90 gear oil, I have just seems the sign saying SAE 20-40 at the header fill tank.
Which one?? Been looking through forum but unable to find info.

Launching tomorrow and need to know

Thanks in advance

Been a busy couple of days, 3x thru-valves changes, c-drive and transducers changed. 3100 mile trip ahead!!!! Thailand to Aus

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