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Yeah.  Water injection would have been nice.  Our naturally aspirated 2-stroke diesels, running at constant speed of course, never carboned up.

But the turbos on the EMDs were a mistake in design.  Cummins too, though I don't think they were optional on those.  When I saw EMDs with blowers instead of turbos I cheered.  Although the number of turbo failures on my ships was blessedly small.


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I have worked also many years as chief engineer on cargo ships. Main engines has often been 2-stroke Diesel with turbos. To clean the turbos they was feeded from time to time with a water injection. This temperature shock loosen the dirt and through it out. Another type of 2-stroke Diesel called Modag was used for generators and oiled like hell. It was common their eshaust pipe takes fire from the oil inside. When that happens they were idled and the exhaust was burned out at observed condition.
Boat Diesel are usually small 4-stroke engines with other behaviors. Most problems we have in Europe is the bad fuel. In Europe gasoil is mixed with 10 % biodiesel. Biodiesl-eating microbes blocks filters and tubes and leads to a brown-black thick coating and dirt in the tank.

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