Gearbox and generator problems- related issue?

Dean Gillies

Hi folks,
We had a problem today where our shaft brake jammed on, resulting in smoke/smell from gearbox (ZFE25) area (from the pads I believe). On checking the ATF I found the plastic dipstick was totally deformed from heat. I managed to unlock the brake manually with some advice from the Facebook group, and have limped to an anchorage.

On trying to start the generator after anchoring I get the error flashes (7) indicating no raw water flow (flow sensor presumably, as it didn’t run long enough to warm up).

The raw water filter is spotless.

At this stage I’m trying to determine if there is a common root cause. The raw water to the engine seems fine, but I’m wondering whether there is a commonality between the generator cooling water feed and the gearbox oil cooler?
The generator raw water issue seems like an odd coincidence!

Also, if anyone can tell me the exact dimensions from the underside of the gearbox dipstick to the hi/Lo marks then that would be really helpful. My dipstick is unusable!

SY Stella
Amel 54 #154

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