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Mark Erdos

Hi Jeff,


We spent last summer there. The island I beautiful but very lacking in the area of good boatyards. The power is 220v 50 htz (euro). There are two choices to haul.


The first is Spice Island Marine (SIM). SIM is located in Prickly Bay and is very easy to get in and out. They haul a lot of Amels. They are not cheap. The facilities there (washrooms) are horrid. They post their prices online and this is the very least you can expect to pay. On the plus side, they are on the bus route and there are a ton of cruisers waiting out h-season in Prickly Bay.


The second choice is Clarkes Court Boatyard & Marina. This is about the same price maybe a little less. The down side, if you want work done, you need to hire you own contractors. The yard is not a full service facility. If they haul you, you need to give them an exact date to launch as they stack boats based on launch dates. If you miss your date they will charge to move the boat out of the way. And, they are in the middle of nowhere. The road into the yard needs 4 wheel drive if it rains (and it will rain).


The best choice in Grenada is to leave the boat in the water at Port Louis Marina (PLM). This is truly a five star facility. It is very easy to enter. We arrived at night, about 2am, with no issue and they put us in a mega-yacht dock until mid-morning. Customs and immigration are located on-site. We stayed there and loved it. It is on the bus route, within walking distance to Island Water World (boat store), bakery, restaurants and downtown St. Georges. If you wish, you can contract a person to “care” for the boat while you are away. There are a lot of people doing this and it is not expensive to have someone look out for the boat. The marina will recommend a person. All the contractors in the marina are approved by the marina management. There is also a company on-site that provides services such as this. If you opt for PLM, you will be in the heart of Carnival in August. It is one heck of a party and shouldn’t be missed. PLM is in a basin with no exposure to the ocean. It is surround by hills and is a natural hole of protection.


There is a good sail repair company that we used called Turbulence. They will pick up and drop off sails. Reasonable prices and good work.


If you need to import boat parts to Grenada, this is not the best place to do so. You will need to hire an agent to get the parts in duty fee. It is not expensive but just plain government stupidity.  Don’t try it without an agent. The two chandleries, Island Water World and Budget Marine both offer duty-free merchandise.


Grenada is a beautiful island with warm friendly people.




Hope this helps.





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Good Morning Amelians,

I hope this message finds everyone enjoying their Amel adventures.

I'm considering sliding down to Grenada from Puerto Rico  and hauling out. I'd probably stay on the hard for a couple months. As such, while there, I may buy a little portable a/c unit to plug in to stay aboard while there, if that would work. Is the power standard or European? If a stay off the boat is in the decision, how are prices generally speaking?

I'm sure that many have been there and hauled out there, however, that list excludes me.

Any recommendations for where to, and where NOT to haul out would be appreciated. Any decent sail repair shops? (I have some minor work). 

I haven't done much research yet, but any general or specific advice regarding the island's offerings both positive and negative?

Thanks in advance for any information kindly offered.

Regards to All.

Jeff Spirit Amel 54 #14


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