Pochon Sonic Speed Sensors for Amel Super Maramu

James Cromie

Hello Amel owners - 

I have ordered a pair of Sonic Speed sensors for my boat from Pochon in France.  However, I am no longer planning on using them.  

I would be happy to sell them if anyone is interested.  

These are used on the Amel Super Maramu 2000, and the part number (as verified by Pochon) is:

184-00-076/F  Transducer Tube LG Bung
I would plan to sell them for the original price, as they are brand new and in the original packaging. I'll ship them to you for free.  
Price is 455 Euro, or rounded down to $560 USD.  
Please let me know, otherwise I'll ship them back to Pochon. 
You can contact me directly at jamescromie dot yahoo dot com
Amel SM2K 347
Portsmouth, RI

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