Watermakers and Furuno radar

John and Anne on Bali Hai <annejohn@...>

Hello Michael,
Having lived on board a boat for twelve years and spent five years in
the South Pacific on a 1986 Oyster 435 before getting a decent boat,
ie an Amel I would suggest that you should get a new Dassalater 160
ltr as it will provide for all your water needs and do so quickly
thus avoiding running the generator for too long.An ample supply of
good water will enable you to give some away to the people who will
befriend you in remote parts of Fiji or in the Tuamotos where they
have to rely on storing rainwater and thus water is much appreciated.
We carried a 20 litre plstic container full of water as a reserve
against the risk of watermaker failure and gave the contents away
when needed.
So far as the radar is concerned I would not mess about but take the
monitor in to a Furuno agent to have it tested and get exchange
circuit boards as necessary.
Good luck on your voyage, we envy you. Incidentally if you should be
in Malta at the end of October you would see the Grand Prix de Malte
on 31 Oct and 1 November. A French classic car enthusiast joins with
the Old Motors Club of Malta and they have the road around Valetta
closed for the event by the government for a "race".The French ship
in a whole lot of amaxing cars, Bugattis. Ford GT40 etc for the event
and it is a unique Classic event.

Best wishes Anne and John SM319

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