Re: Finally a real forum member

Arno Luijten

Dear Forum,

Last week we had a very succesful survey of our new (to us) 54. The surveyor was very positive and the seatrial went very well. She will be on the hard for a few days now to have Amel work on some minor issues and do all the preventive maintenance to the underwater “stuff”. 
By the end of the month we will pick her up in Martinique and sail her to Curacao (weather permitting). Next we will have her on the hard in Curacao to start the revivial process (cleaning and polishing).
I would like to thank all people involved in this succesful week.
Moreover I want to give special thanks to Alexandere (Nikkimat) as he has been a fantastic support for me during for the last week.

Luna, A54

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